- NEW iPhone 6/6S Air Battery Case
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NEW iPhone 6/6S Air Battery Case
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  • Consumer Electronics
  • kray
  • 16/10/2016
  • 15/8/2017
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The World's Thinnest iPhone Battery Case

Colour Blue

How much extra battery does Air Case provide?

The Air Case provides an additional 2400mAh battery for iPhone 6/6S and 2800mAh for iPhone 6+/6S+, which is equivalent to more than 12 hours extra talk time, 10 hours extra video play, 10 hours extra game time and 8 hours extra internet time.

How thin is Air Case?

Air Case is only 3.8 mm (0.15") thick. This is the world’s thinnest battery iPhone case. When it is on your iPhone, it feels like it’s just a part of it.

How do you charge Air Case?

There is a single point of charge for your Air Case and your iPhone, so you can charge both simultaneously using with your normal Lightning cord.

How long does it take to charge Air Case and the Phone?

It takes about 1h45min to fully charge the Air Case, and 3.5hour to fully charge the Air Case and the iPhone together.

Can Air Case protect my phone?

Yes, although Air Case is thin and sleek, it is very robust. The outer shell bumper and the case protects your phone from all-around, making it shock-proof.

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