- Behringer MDX4600 4-Channel Gate / Compressor NEW
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Behringer MDX4600 4-Channel Gate / Compressor NEW
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  • jldeb
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  • 13/2/2018
  • 13/3/2018
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Behringer MDX4600 Multicom Pro - 4-Channel Expander / Gate / Compressor / Peak Limiter
Brand New

Looking for a multi-channel compressor for stage and studio? The Behringer Multicom Pro-XL MDX4600 Compressor is a four-channel compressor/limiter/expander ready to take on your biggest challenges. The expander increases signal presence and energy, while the compressor minimizes peaks without loss of high frequencies. The switchable Interactive Knee Adaptation (IKA) in the MDX4600 combines the advantages of hard and soft-knee compressors. The integrated de-esser has switchable male/female voice recognition to remove excess sibilance. You can run the MDX4600 as four separate processors or couple them for two stereo channels.

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