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Bluesman Vintage Original Stratocaster 1978.

€ 480

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Price Reduced drastically!! Valued over eur1500 this bluesman vintage strat has all the qualities one looks for in an original vintage instrument.
The guitar had a recent full service, with changed vintage white pots and pickguard (original parts still intact and will be given with the guitar). Neck is straight.
Pick ups were changed to Fender Noiseless Vintage pickups (originals still work perfectly) which combined with the mahogany body and maple fretboard make this guitar a great blues and rock instrument. The pickups on their own cost over 150 eur.
Part exhange with Gibson LP or ibanez etc guitars considered.
This guitar appreciates in value. A piece of art.
All original pickups, pickguard and pots will be given. This strat is in excellent condition. Serious and fair offers considered

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