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giffgaff UK SIM card

€ 1.00

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Networking & Telecom


Do you want a UK number for calls/SMS/data while in the UK. If you have a dual SIM phone you might want to use this as a second number or else you might simply want to use the data.

Get your giffgaff SIM card before going to the UK.

This is a new SIM card that needs to be topped up - please follow the instructions by the operator (on Card or Website) in order to activate and top-up.

Various offers are available for top-ups. This depends on the operator.

Please note that some UK SIM cards are given by UK Operators for free (as long as you top up to use it) or they are sold at a minimal fee (£1 - £2 in shops). The price for this SIM Card is merely to cover P&P (UK to Malta) and local postage.

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