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Genuine original lenovo-130W-19.5V 6.7A AC Power Adapter

€ 29.00


SMS / WhatsApp Text: +356 7902 7759

Model Number: FSP13-RAB
LI Part Number: 54Y8810
LC Part Number: 36-001825

Compatible models include the following, however it can be used for other products not listed below (always check specs on your device):
- Lenovo M58 M90 M90p M91p M58p
- Lenovo B31R3 B31R4 B305 C320 C440
- Lenovo IdeaCentre A600 3011-CJU
- Lenovo C305 B300 B305 A600
- Lenovo FSP130-RAB 36-001825 54Y8810 54Y8827 B31 R4 B305 C305

Including: Lenovo ThinkCentre M91 7516 M91p 0266 0384 2491 4168 5067 IdeaCentre A700 4024-2BU 4024-1CU 4024-1AU 4024-4AU 4024-4BU 4024-4CU 4024-4JU 4024-5E1U 4024-6CU A730 57314003 57315193 C320 C320-001 C540 Series

This listing is for the power adapter and doesn't include the power chord - if your transformer (power adapter) stopped working, you already have the power chord and can use the same power chord. If you do not have the power chord, it can be purchased from a local computer store for a few EUR.

Thanks for your time.

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