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€ 20,000

Vehicle Details

OMS SF2 1000 cc Manual Petrol
2 doors 1,000 km (625 miles) No

Item Details



Regretfully selling this fantastic Formula i have owned for 3 years now. A very reliable car with a fresh GSXR1000 K4 engine. Over Euro 5000 were spent on it in the summer break to make it more competitive with great results finishing the hillcilmb championship in first place against bigger engined formulas within the same class.


The body is a tubular OMS chassis no 63 with a brand new super light weight fibreglass body. The brand new body was moulded out of brand new moulds using a kevlar like material to have the lightest and thinnest body while keeping the rigidity in needs. Only 1 coat of spray was used on the body. It has a brand new lightweight aluminium floor, an extremely light dry carbon fibre diffuser covering over half of the undercarrige, a moulded carbon fibre seat and a high downforce carbon fibre rear wing - a perfect match with the diffuser.


The engine is a standard Suzuki GSXR1000 K4 engine. A very reliable and quick engine especially when paired to the sprockets currently on the car (13 front / 49 rear). It has a stainless steel custom made sidewinder exhaust and an oil cooler. Just had new iridium NGK spark plugs fitted, injectors serviced and all fluids change. To ensure reliability, we have just installed a completly brand new fuel system. This includes an external electrical high pressure fuel pump, new fuel regulator, fuel filter and braided hoses all round. The chain was also changed and has the new DID530 heavy duty on.


4 Nitron coilovers all round with various adjustments for soft and hard. Brakes are AP calipers with drilled disks specially designed to be light with drilled hubs for extra weight saving. The whole car is on rose joints making everypart of the car easily adjustible and can be set to the milimiter.


The car will be sold with 2 sets of wheels. 1 set is 4 magnesium split rims with good soft A92 Avons and the other set is made of OMS racing split rims with old tyres (only used to store the car)

The whole car's main focus is to be lightwieght and hence very balanced, easy to drive on the limit and very competitive beating 1300/1400 engines easy. Its a great car with outstanding performace while being very reliable.

The car will be sold with the below parts;

Brand new body moulds (used once costed me over 2K)
Spare engine cover
Spare nose cone
Spare front wing + crashbox
Spare low downforce rear wing
Spare side skirts
Spare set of alloys and tyres

Trailer Included.

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