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Advanced Physics and Maths Mathematics Secondary A-level Books

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1. Physics of materials for A level students Brain Cooke 9780904421155: 7euro
2. Do It! Introducing information technology Peter Bishop 9780174481379:5euro
3. Diagnostic Testing in Advanced Physics Eric Deeson 9780340262818: 5euro
4. First lessons in Physical geography (orange): 2euro also have the (green) one: 2euro
5. Work Out Physics A Level Akrill 9780333408209: 5euro
6. Advanced Level Physics Nelkon and Parker 5th edition: 10euro
7. Comprehension and Experimental analysis in A level Physics Jean Pope 5euro
8. Electronics and nuclear Physics Tom Duncan new edition 9780719532884: 5euro
9. Further Mechanics and Probability Bostock and Chandler 8euro
10. Medical Physics Options in Physics Jean A Pope: 10euro
11. Advanced Physics Tom Duncan 2nd edition Fields, Waves and Atoms - 9780719538459: 5euro
12. Advanced Physics Tom Duncan 2nd edition Materials and Mechanics- 9780719538548: 5euro
13. Framework Maths 8E 9780199148530: 2.50euro
14. STP Mathematics Answer Book 3A: 2.50euro

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