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ILIFE V5s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

€ 120


ILIFE V5s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Water Tank, Automatically Sweeping Mopping Floor Cleaning Robot + Remote + Charging Dock
Locally bought but need bigger robot. Used but good as new.

Two vacuuming modes
V55 has two vacuuming modes: Normal and Max. Normal mode is designed for quick cleaning with low noise level while Max mode is for thorough cleaning.

Multiple cleaning modes
Auto Cleaning - Clean automatically
Spot Cleaning - Clean a specific area
Edge Cleaning - Clean corners and edges

Smart ElectroWall
ElectroWall guides V55 to clean within designated rooms and areas.

Scheduled cleaning
Preset cleaning is mode possible with the scheduling function.

Extra Large RoadRover Wheels
Extra large wheels enable V55 to move across different surfaces and avoid obstales.

High coverage
Long-lasting battery enables V55 to cover more areas on a single charge.

Auto Charge
As battery runs low, V55 automatically returns to its charging dock for recharge.

Smart sensors
V55 cleans safely with a set of anti-fall and anti-collision sensors.

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