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.Topical Pigment A Anesthetic....Blood Stop Cream..PM skin repair antibiotic cream

€ 2.00


Blood Stop Cream... Controls Bleeding Fast

Stops Bleeding Fast and Allows Natural Healing

Conforms to any Wound Forms a Gel to Seal the Wound

Used in Hospitals Completely Biocompatible, Biodegradable, Non irritating

Can Stay in or on Wound Translucent for Good Visibility

Water Soluble Easy to Wash Off Without Disruption to Wound Surface

Topical Anesthetic for lipliner, lipshading and eyebrow tattoo procedures.

Most effective on mucosal tissue. For total anesthesia, apply before and during procedure.

Professional use only! Very Strong!

Antibiotic Ointment....

Antibiotic Ointment is a must have staple for all first aid kits. This ointment can be used to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.
This antibiotic won't sting and the consistency of the ointment means that it is easy to apply with a finger tip.

This is the perfect product to use on hard-to-reach and sensitive areas.

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