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20m RGB LED Light Strips

€ 49.00


20m RGB LED Light Strips with Remote Controller and Power Adapter

Condition: New in box
Length: 20m (2 x 10m Strips)
LED Model: 5050 RGB LEDs
LED Count: 600 LEDs

LED strips can be controlled with the App (Lotus Lantern) via Bluetooth, also with a 40 buttons remote control. You can also control multiple LED strips or create a group for all your LED strips and control them all with the App.

This LED strips have an intelligent music mode and an integrated microphone with adjustable sensitivity. The colour of the lights changes depending on the rhythm of the music or your microphone.

You can create a personal schedule by setting the schedule in the "Lotus Lantern" App. The LED lights can be automatically switched on or off. You can adjust the brightness and speed of the lights via the App. You can choose your preferred colour according to 28 modes in the App.

The LED strip can be cut every 3 LEDs along. There are cutting marks to avoid damages to the rest of the strip. The back of the LED strip is self-adhesive.

Package Includes:
2 x 10m RGB LED Light strips
1 x LED Controller Unit
1 x Remote Contoller with Battery
1 x 100-240V Wall Power Adapter
1 x EU to UK Adapter
6 x Mounting Clips
1 x User Manual

*LED strips are not waterproof. Indoor use only.

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