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Malta’s Parliament

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Malta’s Parliament – An Official History
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The book chronicles the political history and evolution of Malta's Parliament from 1800 to 2003 and is divided into three sections. Section One (1800-1921) with its study of the workings of the colonial style Council of Government, explores the emergence of a partially elected Chamber and the continuing Maltese struggle for responsible government. Section Two (1921-1964), examines Malta's first responsible government Parliament at work until its dissolution in 1933, when the 1921 Constitution which had created it was first suspended and later withdrawn. It also gives a brief look at the events which followed until responsible government was re-instated in 1947. This section then takes the reader through the issues debated in Parliament and the Parliamentary process, which culminated in Malta's Independence in 1964. Section Three (1964-2003) allows the reader to explore Malta's transition to Republican Government, the closure of the military base and its implications for a Malta free from the last vestiges of colonialism, and the long road to EU membership. The book contains a vast display of photos portraying several personalities including all the Speakers of the House of Representatives, all the Governors, the Presidents of Malta, Prime Ministers, and various Maltese Parliamentarians. Other photos depict important historic events that took place inside as well as outside the House. One also finds full-coloured photos showing the beauty and majesty of the Tapestry Chamber which served as the House of Parliament, the Committee Rooms, State Rooms and details of The Palace, and the present Parliament Chamber.

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