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Sales Staff

Blissful Lifestyle

We are organically growing our Blissful Wellness Retail Team in Malta.

If you resonate with our Vision-Mission-Principles, and if you are looking for a New Healthy High Vibe Environment to become the best Version of YOU in, then please contact us and step into a whole new energy field.

Blissful Vision

To empower every person on the planet to know wellness is achievable for all. To be one of the most results-oriented wellness emporiums in the world, where people can start to reclaim and optimise their wellness and create the life they want, from anywhere, on any budget.

Blissful Mission

To Raise awareness of the body’s ability to naturally heal itself, through knowledge and understanding of natural wellness. Delivering the highest quality of wellness information, services, support, products, training and therapy to all those that require it.

Blissful Principles

Our customers and clients wellness is our success, we deliver integrity, honesty and truth and the latest cutting edge natural healing and wellness research, raising awareness on a continual small step basis, with openness and simplicity, ensuring our clients have access to the latest natural and effective therapies,treatments and wellness innovations, offering the most natural effective results orientated holistic therapies and practitioners. We will never settle for anything less than excellence, when delivering natural wellness to our customers and clients at every level.


We are looking for Wellness Team Members with a TRUE Passion for Natural Wellness and a background in retail to work on a fixed schedule.

Part Time