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Premium Services

What are Premium Services

Premium services are optional paid services that we offer so that sellers can have a better chance of selling their items.

Premium services are entirely optional for any user. You can advertise items FREE of charge on as usual, if you do not want to use Premium services.

You can also choose to apply premium options to only some of your listings.

Currently, the premium options available are:

  • Featured Listings : Show your listing more prominently and above all the others. (3 days: €10.00, 7 days: €15.00)

How to use Premium Services

To use the 'Featured Listing' option, go to your item details and select 'Premium Options' in the administrator options.

Premium services require that you have funds in your online Maltapark account. If you do not have any funds in your account, you will need to top up your account using a credit card or Paypal. If you follow the Premium Options link in your Item Details page you will be given the opportunity to top up your account.

You can top up your account with any amount and use the funds in separate transactions over a period of time. Funds remain in your Maltapark account indefinitely and never expire.

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