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Parkside Electric Staple/Nail Gun with an extra box of Nails

€ 25.00

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Available to pick up from St Julians.

This electric staple/nail gun comes with 500 nails and 500 staples. It fires nails into surfaces up to 32 mm. It has a narrow stapling nozzle, making it perfect for thin items and for stapling closer to edges. It enables you to fix, repair and lay down wooden boards quickly and easily.

It can be used easily with one hand, making it also perfect for places that are difficult to access or work being carried out above your head. It is suitable for use with materials such as plastic, fabric, leather, plaster or wood. It boasts great performance, as it fires up to 30 staples/nails per minute, and you can pre-select the constant force at which they are fired out.

It is easy to use, as it has a soft handle to enable you to enjoy comfortable and non-slip grip. It is a safe device, as it will not switch on unexpectedly, as switching it on involves 3 steps: turning on the power switch, the contact switch in the support head and the switch in the pistol-type handle.

It has a practical rear loading system, with compartments for staples (15, 20 and 25 mm) and nails (15, 20, 25 and 32 mm). It includes accessories: 650 staples (200 x 15 mm and 300 x 25 mm), 500 nails (200 x 25 mm and 300 x 32 mm) and 1 male Allen wrench. It is compatible with conventional accessories. Cable length: 4 m.

It bears a German seal of quality.

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