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A Level ICT, Computer Organization and Architecture, Front Office, Life: Science of Biology, Biology A functional approach, Work out organic chemistry, Path through Catholicism, German/ French Dictio

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All books are in excellent condition

1. A Level ICT 2nd edition by Heathcote 9780953249084: 15euro
2. Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for performance 7th edition 97801318556448: 40euro
3. Front Office: Procedures, social skills and management by Abbott 9780750600248: 7euro
4. Life: Science of Biology 6th edition by Purves 9780716738732: 15euro
5. Biology A functional approach: Student's manual 9780174480024: 12euro
6. Work out organic chemistry by C. Went 9780333447727: 10euro
7. Path through Catholicism by Mark Links 9781559245432: 8euro
8. Oxford Beginners German Dictionary NEW 9780199298570: 8euro
9. Collins Robert - French Concise Dictionary 3rd edition NEW 9780004707068: 25euro
10.Career, aptitude and selection tests 2nd edition Jim Barrett 9780749448196: 5euro

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