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Aquarium Submersible Pump 15W Jeneca PF-9101 Integrated filtration,oxigenation and circulation 3 IN 1

€ 13.00


Hmax 1 mt
Qmax 1000 Lt/H
size 130x80x130 mm

1.Modern design,elegant appearance. integrated filtration,oxgenation and circulation ,small size and using freely.

2.Low water level multifunction submersible pump provides powerful water circulation for strong consistent flow below water level.

3. The pump products streams of water that is over 0.65-1.8 above the water surface.

4. The water outlet yield can adjustable.

5.The outlet with the intake softtube can oxygenation,the air input can adjustable.

6. Install and maintain easily,suitable for sea water and fresh water.

7. low consuptions

8.The outlet water direction can controll

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