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Aquarium aerator Jeneca AP-9804 Air oxigenator pump external

€ 17.00



Size 140x80x80 mm
power 4w
Max output 3x2L/MIN
Pressure 0.22Mpa

1. Multistage damping.

2. Apply to various types of aquarium, seafood pools ,fish stocking and other seeding pools areation.

3. The input power can adjust by the regulator knob, control the air displacement at the same time.

4. Advanced damping system, mute running, low noise.

5.Adopted ABS plastic,Its impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties are excellent.

6. Adopt AC motor, advanced air pressure system,volume and pressure are constantly.

7.Novel design, Reasonable structure, the line conform to aesthetics, the visual effect is strong.

8.Unique design, integrated filtration,oxygenation, draw water, circulation.

9.Installed easily and the cleaning and maintain is convenience.

10. Oilless lubrication design, make the air output more pure.

NOTE: The air pump soaking into the water is not allow!!!

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