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Deville Heater Spare Parts: 1x Machined Steel Diffuser / Induction Ring for Deville Oil Stove

€ 50.00


Machined in durable STEEL (the original part was in brittle cast iron)

Stove Brand:______Deville
Item Name:_______Diffuser Ring (also called Induction Ring)
Pricing:___________ €50 for 1x Diffuser Ring
Delivery Charge:__€5 (Anywhere in Malta)
Pickup Charge:____FREE (from San Gwann)

- Spare part for Deville Oil / Paraffin / Kerosene stoves-
- Much Longer lasting than the original part (which was in brittle cast iron)
- It fits all models of Deville stoves, and only Deville stoves.
- It is used to disperse and stabilize the flame inside the burner, to get a nice blue flame
- Replaces Original part #10008, P0010008, DV10008, DV01000800

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