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Hand Crank Winch with 10m Strap 2500 LBS G01086



Product Description
Hand winch made of high quality materials ensuring its appropriate durability and reliability. It is equipped with a strong cast hook with a return spring. The equipment ensures safe and troublefree lifting and lowering of objects.

Product characteristics:
a hand winch with a maximum load of 1133 kg/2500 lbs will be an excellent tool for relocating large and heavy objects
made of high-quality iron ensures its durability
suitable for use in trucks, trailers and other vehicles
cargo securing by a switchable gear interlock suitable for fitting and emptying
thanks to the ratchet and two-way brake, you can be sure that pulling in and pulling out the quads from the trailer or rear box of the car will be safe and without unpleasant surprises

Technical Specifications:

Towing capacity: 1133 kg

Strap length: 10m

Strap width: 50mm

Hook: with safety lever

Hand crank length: 23 cm

Nominal tensile force:1133 kg

Plastic handle: 10 cm

Prices vat included

For Free delivery in malta minimum order is Eu 25.00

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