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15,000 retro games. plug and play, no wires or internet needed

€ 80.00


15,000+ nostalgic games for 80e!
its like having 9 consoles in just 1 usb which are PS1/ ATARI/ MAME,ARCADE/ SEGA MEGA DRIVE/ FC/ GBA/ GBC/ GAMEBOY/ MD, including some amiga games.
Enjoy playing all these old games with your kids, friends, family, etc... as lot of games are 2 player games! :)
If you' re an amiga or arcade lover this is a must!!! Turn 30 years back in time and play again these nostalgic classic games again,maybe also with your kids

NO NEED FOR ANY MORE WIRES FOR internet, joysticks (as they re also wireless), games/dvd's or amiga floppy disks, wifi, game consoles, etc etc etc....... save space and hassle!!

1 * USB Receiver
1 * Power Line
1 * HD cable
1 * Game Console
2 * Joypads wireless
1 * Packing Box
(It comes with 64GB TF Card)
Wireless joypads (needs 2 aaa batteries each joypad) (not included)

Very easy to connect, all you need is a tv which has 1 HDMI port/s and 1 USB port. No need for internet, or anything other.
You can remove/transfer it anytime to any other tv in any other room or at your friends home, etc.....

Its best is that you can find nostalgic AMIGA and ARCADE/MAME games such as the famous and still much wanted: newzealand story, pang, prince of persia, golden axe, chuck rock1 and 2, soccer kid, cannon fodder, desert strike, lemmings, sensible soccer, toki,oscar, popolous, wolfchild, shadow dancer, Oscar, simpsons, jungle strike, pinball fantasies and lot more that you never imagined to play anymore as they're approximately 25-30 year old games.

Other great and still very demandful COIN-OP (which means games exactly like those you see and maybe spent alot of money in the bars to insert coins to play) titles are ALL metal slug games, simpsons, sonic, street fighters, Mortal Kombat, wonderboy, Contra, Splatterhouse, altered beast, Sunset Riders, Ninja turtles, super mario, bugs life, Double dragons, Tetris, Aladdin, etc etc impossible to mention them all beleive me! :)

As you can notice in the pictures there are also some games of ps1 like for example wipeout, tom and jerry, dragon ball, etc etc....

when you are choosing games to play you can use R2 button to collect or uncollect to your favorite games so you ll find them much more easier afterwards as they will be saved in your collection list.

All those for 80e, which is a very good price considering 2 wireless joypads which alone cost around 35e, apart from the Usb which is not a copy or clone!

NOTE: This is a good branded original and reliable tried and tested Usb with games, as I said before not a clone or copy!

Pm for more info, thanks

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