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Marauders by Steve Orlando Vol. 1 TP

€ 20.40 + € 2.20 DELIVERY


A new crew sets sail!
Captain Kate Pryde’s got the mission—all she needs now is a boat and some mutant sailors to join her on the high seas. Pryde and Bishop must unite a surprising crew of mutants, new and old, to spring Daken from imprisonment at the hands of the primal provocateur known as Brimstone Love! But can the Marauders ever be ready to welcome Cassandra Nova aboard?! One of the most infamous villains in mutant history might be the team’s only chance to unravel a mystery stretching two billion years into the past! Who are the Kin Crimson? The Marauders point their keel toward Shi’ar space, but the Majestrix has raised an intergalactic armada to stop the mutants in their tracks! Cannons ready!

Marauders Annual (2022) #1 / Marauders (2022) #1-5 / Marvel’s Voices Pride (2021) #1 (Somnus story)

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