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Reolink Floodlight Wifi Version

€ 60.00


Reolink floodlight IoT device with Wifi connectivity.
Condition: New, unused, still in original package and with manufacturer seal.

The floodlight can be controlled remotely from the Reolink mobile app.

Three modes of operation:

Smart Night mode: Reolink Floodlight will run in its default lighting mode if it has never been set up before. The floodlights stay off during the day, and only turn on when the PIR alarm is activated at night and then turn off when the alarm ends.
Scheduled Mode: You can set the time for the floodlights to turn on/off automatically with a customized routine.
Auto-On Mode: With its light sensor, the floodlight can sense lighting conditions, and will turn on automatically only when it's dark. In this mode, you can set a brighter light for when an alarm is triggered to deter suspicious people.

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