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Rubber hammer 45mm 640g G72238

€ 9.00


Product Description
Our recoilless rubber mallet with a diameter of 45 mm and a weight of 640g is the perfect tool for professionals who value precision, efficiency, and safety during work. Designed for various applications, this rubber mallet is an essential equipment for every professional. Technical specifications: Mallet length: 30.5 cm Head diameter: 4.5 cm Head width: 10 cm Loose shot inside the head eliminating the rebound effect of the mallet from the material Main product features: Recoilless operation: Made of rubber and with loose shot inside to eliminate recoil force, our rubber mallet eliminates the risk of splinters, making the work not only effective but also safe for the user and the surroundings. Diameter 45 mm: The optimal diameter of the mallet ensures an excellent fit for various tasks, allowing precise strikes without excessive effort. Weight 640g: Light yet sufficiently heavy, the mallet enables efficient work without straining wrists and arms. Special grooved handle: The grooved handle provides a secure grip and reduces fatigue, allowing prolonged use of the tool. The end of the handle prevents accidental slipping of the mallet from the hand. Versatile application: Excellent for use in construction, renovations, or even craftsmanship. Suitable for both precision work and more intensive tasks.

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