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Keratin hair serum.lightweight and non-greasy,easy to use,and can be quickly absorbed by the scalp. Net:30ml/1.1fl.oz.

Ingredients: water,keratin amino complex,mung bean seed extract,red clover extract,black sesame oil,flaxseed oil.

Usage method:

1.shake well before use.

2.keep hair dry or dry it after shampooing.

3.take 2-3 drops of this product and apply evenly on the scalp.

4.gently massage with fingertips until absorbed(it is recommended to use once a day for better results).

Caution: the product is for external use only,not for oral use.


1.a variety of natural and safe ingredients,specially added keratin amino complex,repairs bifurcations,consolidates and protects thinning hair,strengthens and nourishes hair,prevents hair loss,and stimulates hair growth.

2.the texture of this product is light and non-greasy,easy to use,and can be quickly absorbed by the scalp.

3.effectively reduces breakage and damage,curbs frizz,helps reduce excess oil on the scalp,and promotes healthier,fuller hair.

Warning: discontinue to use if signs of irritation or rush occur.

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