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Avon True Powerstay 24 Hour Foundation (Nude)

€ 20.00


Power Stay 24-Hour Foundation with light, breathing formula provides a mattifying effect and up to 24 hours of look that stays fresh! Super-durable, breathing formula that assures matte fresh look for even up to 24 hours!

Formula: liquid foundation perfect for the whole day and staying up all night.

Result: middle to full coverage, fresh makeup all day and… night!

Can you imagine an all-condition foundation that stays with you from dawn till dawn? Carefully picked ingredients of its formula withstand the heat, the humid, and all possible activities, still providing an elegant matte to your skin and keeping it fresh around the clock. The product is light and allows the skin to breathe, and you do not have to worry about your clothes: this foundation does not wear off and leaves no traces. 8 out of 10 women confirmed that the foundation stays on for the whole day!

Size: 30ml.

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