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Assistant Hanydman

Leadership Consultancy & Training services

This role will include the following responsibilities:
• Assists in the implementation Projects for Condominia and other potential clients including costings
• Assists in bringing quotes for projected works and present them to Director & Condominia
• Fill-in job sheets according to works understaken and submit them online system
• Assisting in checking that projects are being conducted according to agree conditions
• Assisting with the Projects Officer (Internal) and inform and update him on ongoing works
• Assists in conducting fortnightly routine inspections in common parts
• Assists in responding to clients’ maintenance requests in a timely and professional manner.
• Oversee trash containers on the company premises.
• Maintain the store organized and equipped with major stocks (maintenance)
1. Maintenance Related tasks
• Assisting the Handyman coordinator in all maintenance works at the office, condominia and other potential clients
• Conducting maintenance and repair works at the office, condominia and other potential clients including:
o Painting & plastering
o Tiling,
o Plumbing
o Minor electrical works
o Fixing furniture
o Routine landscaping on the grounds
o Paint and fill gaps or crevices (on walls, sidewalks etc.)
o light installation or carpenting (e.g. build cabinets)
o equipment or appliances
o Other minor repairs that might be needed
• Assisting in inspecting regularly that all equipment is working and reporting damages immediately
• Assist tradespeople with major electrical, plumbing or projected repairs
• Undertake duties as assigned or emergency tasks (e.g. pumping water)
• Assisting in identifying and reporting the need for major repairs
• Assisting in detecting and report the need for major maintenance repairs.
• Regularly check condominia & office spaces to identify issues with litter, mechanical failure or breakdowns.
• Provide clients/staff with support and guidance on maintaining their equipment.
2. Cleaning
• Assisting in cleaning activities and services both for the offices and clients such sweeping, cleaning and sanitizing toilets, washing and other related activities.
• Assisting in the cleanliness of outside spaces such as parking lots and sidewalks for clients.
3. Messenger Service
• Take correspondence to destinations accordingly
4. Other Generic Activities
• Make sure that customers are happy and satisfied with the service
In case of contracts explain and check that details are filled in correctly



3 yrs Experience in handyman services or related services
3yrs Experience in electrical and plumbing or related services
Having an Electrician licence will be an asset

Full Time

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