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Advent Lifts Services Ltd

Primary Purpose: To be responsible for the maintenance of the warehouse which includes but is not limited to, stocking of operational materials and supplies, inventory control and records, purchasing, and related duties as required.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Plans and performs work that involves ordering, receiving, inspecting, returning, unloading,
shelving, packing, labeling, pricing, delivering, and maintaining a perpetual inventory of forms,
office supplies, and various types of equipment.
• Rotates stock and arranges for disposal of surpluses.
• Keeps records to maintain inventory control, cost containment and to assure proper stock
• Coordinates freight handling, equipment moving and minor repairs.
• Handle mail and courier service.
• Operates simple office machines (which may in some cases include computer assisted
inventory, automotive equipment, and may operate a forklift or other light equipment used in
moving heavy items).
• Performs related and peripheral site-specific duties as required.
• Share information across the organisation by using the right communication flows.
• Apply appropriately mannered communication skills with clients, colleagues and superiors
• Comprehend customer requirements, provide high quality service and customer support during
site visits.
• Build positive relationships with customers, apply excellent customer care at all times and
oversee the preservation of both the clients’ and company’s property and equipment.
• Be aware of electrical, mechanical and chemical health and safety issues; also understand
appropriate manual handling techniques.
• Attend any training provided by the Company and sit for the respective assessments
• Maintain customer’s trust relationship by keeping service information confidential.
• Follow all company’s filed procedures and protocols.
• Any other duties as may be necessary from time to time.



• Possess good communication skills
• Meticulous attention to detail
• Demonstrate confidence in his/her ability
• Thorough analytical and problem solving skills
• Hold a respectful, courtesy and a positive attitude
• Able to understand technical terminology
• Familiar with mobile tools and applications


• Two years of experience in storekeeping, inventory control, and recordkeeping.
• Preferably MQF Level 5 Diploma or MQF Level 4 Certificate in Mechanical subjects.
• Excellent written and oral proficiency in English and preferably also Maltese.
• Possess a valid driving license.
• Physically able to lift heavy items above and below shoulder height, and perform continuous
standing, walking, reaching, and bending.

Full Time

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