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ACCA (F1 - F9), ECDL & SAGE Tutors/ Lecturers

Learnkey Training Institute

The role will require you to have a good understanding of the delivery of one of the following Modules; ACCA (F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9), ECDL or SAGE, as well as a good knowledge of education. You will be responsible for delivering high quality teaching to learners and will use your teaching ability, coaching skills and innovative technologies to deliver exceptional tutoring, helping learners and employers to achieve their objectives within Learnkey Training Institute.

Key responsibilities

· Deliver learner-centric teaching that links directly to the learner’s personal goals, aspirations and motivations.

· Determine the learner’s starting point allowing effective assessment of distance traveled following teaching and learning.

· Utilize coaching and mentoring skills to the enrolled students.

· Plan and deliver individualized or group sessions to support the learners in developing the appropriate skills and knowledge relating to ACCA, ECDL or SAGE.

· Create, monitor and adapt individual learning plans for each learner in your cohort.

· Maintain contact with the learner to promote learning and development.

· Promote timely achievement of all learners by planning specific tasks and giving constructive feedback and guidance based on each learners’ individual needs.


Work from home


(Twice a week per Module; 17:30/ 18:00 onward)

Monday to Saturday

Work remotely:


For your application to be considered, kindly email Human Resources Department, together with your Covering Letter & Curriculum Vitae; clearly indicating which ACCA Module, ECDL or SAGE you will be willing to tutor with Learnkey Training Institute.

Closing date for applications is 28th February, 2021. (However, applications are considered as they come in).


Diploma/ Bachelors or Masters degree in the field you are applying to tutor. (e.g. ACCA F1- F9 , P1 etc,)

Minimum 2 years tutoring experience will be an advantage, but applicants without experience will be also be considered.

02-2021 T/L

Applications for this vacancy are closed now.