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BIB DragonTouch OD10 Surveillance Camera + 128GB SD Card

€ 90.00


Brand New in Box Weatherproof Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera with the following specifications:
Dragon Touch OD10 Security Camera Outdoor, 1080P HD PTZ Outdoor Camera Wi-Fi for Home Security
Surveillance, Floodlight, Night Vision, Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio, Alexa/Google Home, Waterproof
Ideal for gardens, porches, swimming pool areas, garages etc
You can control it from your smartphone (iphone/android) and you receive a message alert on your
phone when the camera detects motion from intruders, even at night. Includes a built-in microphone
and speaker. You can listen and talk clearly with your guests or scare off intruders.
Comes with a brand new Sandisk Extreme 128GB Sd Card
Price for 1 Surveillance Camera + 128 GB SD Card = EUR 90 (or EUR 175 for 2 cameras + 2 SD Cards)
Very easy installation. Power adapters and cables included.
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