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SFD Collagen Premium - 400g

€ 17.00 + € 2.00 DELIVERY


Pain in the joints?
Problems with proper regeneration?
Frequent injuries?
Regardless of whether you are struggling with these problems or prefer to counter them - this product is created with you in mind. We wanted to get a complete product, consisting of the highest quality ingredients, which thanks to its patented formula will work quickly and efficiently, providing solutions to all problems and appropriate prevention!
COLLAGEN PREMIUM is also a product that is ideal for those who want to achieve the effect of strong and shiny hair, hard and strong nails and smooth and elastic skin.
COLLAGEN PREMIUM is a dietary supplement containing, among others Hydrolysed collagen, Boswellia serrata incense extract, vitamins and minerals. Calcium and manganese are needed to maintain healthy bones. COLLAGEN PREMIUM is not a regular supplement because it contains many valuable and needed substances for our health.
Perfectly supports our movement apparatus and more.

Retail Price 35euro
Fitsupply price 17euro!!

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